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Make Beauty Your Business

The harder you work, the more you earn!

It starts with you!
At Avroy Shlain, we offer everyday women the opportunity to let their true beauty shine, by giving them the opportunity to make money, become business leaders and grow with true confidence. This is our way of empowering women all over South Africa to thrive in a challenging economy, and positively change their lives, their families, and the communities they live in.

Jobs are hard to find, but you can earn, grow, and gain financial freedom with Avroy Shlain. Find stability, even in uncertain times.

At Avroy Shlain, beauty is empowering – make beauty your business and turn it into financial success! Become an Avroy Shlain beauty advisor today.

About Us

ZA Cometics formerly known as Avroy Shlain Online is an online retail store, you can login and purchase your Avroy Shlain products. This website is run and maintained by an Avroy Shlain Beauty Advisor based in Gauteng

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