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First impressions last. But, quality fragrances make impressions that last even longer. There are two things that people notice when you walk into any room. The way you look as you step in, and as you move closer, the way you smell. They might forget what you were wearing when you leave, but your scent remains long after you’re gone. What a way to make any moment memorable. Now that we can all agree that scents last longer than first impressions, let’s help you take control of the kind of impression you leave behind, no matter the occasion.

A True Gem for a True Lady

There are times when you’re dressed for work and other times when you rock an outfit that works for you. But once you have that outfit locked in, you need the perfect scent to match your mood. Something that just exudes class and luxury. A true statement of the unforgettable woman you truly are. Unforgettable and unmatched in every space you enter. The NEW LADY RUBYTM Eau de Parfum encapsulates all the feelings of love, romance and royalty in a crystal bottle. It’s exactly what you need to make every moment enchanting. If you’re looking to make a statement and leave everyone you encounter with something to shout about, then LADY RUBYTM is that one true gem that any true lady can’t live without.

The Gift

It’s the month of love, and choosing the perfect gift has never been simpler. Coupled with the free necklace and earring gift box, the Avroy Shlain JSTM is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’d like to gift yourself, or a loved one, you can be sure that you will enchant everyone you meet with a scent perfect for a vivacious woman.

Speak Volumes

Your presence will feel like a present when you sport a scent that lets your femininity shine. Show them who you truly are, and make sure you leave them with something to talk about. Kickstart any conversation with the power of the Avroy Shlain Perfect® fragrance.

The Feeling

Complete any look with a scent that just makes you feel confident. Let your confidence radiate from within, and outside. Take control of your destiny and make sure every moment is memorable with the Coppelia Man® Eau de Toilette. Nothing makes a better impression than a fragrance that makes a statement from the moment you enter the room.

No matter the occasion, or location, you can guarantee your invitation when everyone wants to see themselves around you. Let the true you shine across at any moment with scents that last longer than first impressions. Now, that’s impressive!

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