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Why is Moisture important for your hair?

Moisturised hair is healthy hair. It is less prone to dryness, breakage and frizz. Moisture helps to maintain shine and length for fabulous-looking hair.

What is the L.O.C method?

L.O.C stands for Liquid (or Leave-in Conditioner), Oil and cream. This is a method of layering water or a water based product, a hair oil and a cream or hair butter to help your hair retain moisture.



After washing your hair with the Afri Moisture moisturising shampoo, lightly spritz water onto your hair to add natural moisture and hydration.



Next, apply a thin layer of Afri Moisture Treatment Oil over your newly hydrated strands to seal in the moisture from the water spritz. The pile oil in this treatment product will moisturise and add shine to your hair.



Lastly, apply the Afri Moisture Anti-Breakage Hait Butter to seal in the moisture form the water and the treatment oil. The butter will also help prevent breakage and soften your hair.

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