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Introducing the NEW Men’s Hair Care Range


Regular shampoo dries out the skin on your face,
which results in an irritated beard and an annoying itch.
The Afri Moisture Men’s Hair and Beard Shampoo does
just the opposite. It rehydrates while cleansing and
freshening skin on your face, your beard and hair with
shea butter, olive oil and cedarwood.

How often should I wash my hair and beard?
Wash your hair and beard 1-3 times a week.

How do I use the hair and beard shampoo?
In the morning, apply warm water to your beard,
face, and hair and massage the shampoo into a
foaming lather. Rinse off for clean and fresh results.


Afri Moisture Men’s Styling Cream is a lightweight cream that moisturises your hair or curls. Made with Shea Butter and Olive Oil for added moisture and shine, this cream will help maintain moisture on your desired hairstyle while preventing breakage and split ends, soften the hair, tame frizz, and aid in detangling.

How do I use the styling cream?
After washing your hair with the Afri Moisture Men’s Hair and Beard Shampoo, smooth styling cream onto damp hair, section by section, beginning at the root and working toward the ends. Do not rinse. Can be used on dry hair to re-moisturize curls.

TIP #1
Remember, you shouldn’t comb or brush your hair while it’s wet because you risk damaging or even breaking it.

TIP #2
To prevent the skin on your head from drying, hair care for men should also include regular moisturising. Always opt for hair products with natural ingredients.

TIP #3
When you’ve managed to grow long, healthy, and strong afro hair, be sure to pick your signature hairstyle. Whether it’s a curly afro, crew cut or frohawk is totally up to you. When choosing, consider the shape of your face and individual style as well as the time you’re willing to spend on the maintenance.

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