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Give Your Feet a Break: How To Give Tired Feet a Quick Pick-Me-Up

Did you know that your feet are the most overworked and under-appreciated part of the human body? Well, for those long days when you have been up on your feet, what do you do to give them instant relief and the utmost care? Well, good people, it is time to give your feet a real treat!

Operation pick your feet up

Whether your feet are swollen, hot, have rough skin, or they’re just sore, we have the perfect products and tips that will give you ultimate relief in no time:

Step 1- Draw a warm foot bath and add a generous amount of the Avroy Pure Foot Soak as that’s key to relieving foot pain. This eucalyptus and chamomile infused product will provide a soothing and relaxing feeling.

Step 2- After indulging and soaking for 20 minutes, pat dry, and spritz the soles of your feet with our Avroy Shlain Pure Cooling Spray. The mint oil will provide a cooling sensation.

Step 3- Massage your feet as this will help ease soreness and improve circulation. If you’re doing it yourself, it’s a bonus because you can apply the right amount of pressure to the right parts of your feet. You can bend and pull apart your toes, using the Avroy Shlain Pure Moisturising foot cream or oil to lubricate your skin for ease.

Step 4- Get rid of dead skin and look forward to having soft, good-looking feet! The Pure Rough Skin Remover and the Pure Softening Heel Cream are just the things to give your feet the gift of beautiful skin.

BONUS Step 5-Strengthen your feet to the core: Get into some foot exercises to keep them flexible and avoid foot pain. Keeping active is the best way to keep your feet healthy and limber. Resistance exercises also help your feet get stronger and prevent soreness. For this, use resistance bands or roll your arches on a tennis ball.

Feet need a scrub no problem Avroy Shlain Pure Feet Refreshing Foot Scrub. Apply a generous amount onto wet feet, massage in a circular motion and rinse feet with lukewarm water and dry them.

Walk away from tired feet with Avroy Shlain

Be the best version of yourself. Avroy Shlain, provides you with all the best products that will help you thrive at live your best life!

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